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Linguist Deborah Tannen on How Women Can Be Heard

Tannen is the author of the bestselling, "You Just Don't Understand." She has a new book about communication between the sexes, "Talking From 9 to 5: How Women's and Men's Conversational Styles Affect Who Gets Heard, Who Gets Credit, and What Gets Done at Work."


Iranian Exile Mahnaz Afkhami Gives Voice to Women Exiles Worldwide

Author and activist Mahnaz Afkhami lobbied for many years for women's rights in her native Iran. For the past fifteen years, she has been in exile from her country for this work. During that time, she talked with other women in exile from all over the world. Twelve of these women's stories are recorded in her new book, "Women in Exile."


Journalist Peggy Orenstein on Teenage Girls' Self-Esteem

In 1990, an American Association of American Women survey found that the self-esteem of young girls plummets during adolescence. A year later, journalist Peggy Orenstein was commissioned to do a follow-up study, which resulted in her new book, "Schoolgirls: Young Women, Self-Esteem, and the Confidence Gap." Orenstein talked to girls in two junior high schools, and examined some of the factors that influenced their feelings about themselves, including schooling, family, and class.


How Supporting Women's Health Can Control Overpopulation

Adrienne Germain is Vice President for the International Women's Health Coalition, which works to improve women's reproductive health care and rights in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. She will serve as one of the delegates to next month's U.N. International Conference on Population and development in Cairo. She is also co-author of "Population Policies Reconsidered," about channelling efforts to control the population not only through fertility programs, but also by offering broad-spectrum health care to women.


Novelist Patrician O'Brien on D.C.'s Working Women

O'Brien spent twenty years as a reporter for the Chicago Sun Times. In 1988, she worked as Michael Dukakis' press secretary when he ran for president. She now writes novels; her latest is called "The Ladies Lunch," about a group of Washington women who meet weekly for lunch, until one of their group, the White House press secretary, dies a violent and mysterious death.


Conventional Portrayals of Women on TV Can Have Feminist Potential

Susan Douglas is a professor of media and American studies at Hampshire College. She has just written a book “Where the Girls Are,” that looks at women in baby-boomer pop culture. She explains how the media’s alternating images of stereotypical femininity and feminism created a kind of “schizophrenia” in American women. She talks about how this confusion has caused ambivalence in American women about what feminism means.


Why Women Can Not be Ordained in the Roman Catholic Church.

Father 'Gus' DiNoia is a Dominican Priest and a theologian to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. On May 31, the Pope issued an Apostolic letter to bishops declaring that women could not be ordained as priests. Though not a formal statement of doctrine, the letter was strongly put, and meant to cut off discussion about the issue.


The Roe of Roe v. Wade.

Norma McCorvey. She was the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade. In the lawsuit she was called Jane Roe to shield her privacy. In her new book "I Am Roe" (Harper Collins), she tells her story. She was poor, alone and pregnant. Her case became a landmark Supreme Court decision--it gave women the right to choose abortion. But McCorvey ended up giving birth to the child because the Supreme Court decision came too late.


An All Woman Baseball Team.

Phil Niekro, Manager, and Lisa Martinez, pitcher for the new all female professional baseball team, the Colorado Silver Bullets. This is the team's inaugural season. The Silver Bullets are the first all-female team to be recognized by the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues and the first to compete only against men. Manager Niekro says, "Every time they make an error, they say 'I'm sorry.'"


Women and Mental Illness.

Documentary film maker Allie Light. Her new film, "Dialogues With Madwomen," won the 1994 "Freedom of Expression Award" at the Sundance Film Festival. In the film, seven women describe their bouts with mental illness, including Light who checked herself into a day psychiatric facility for three months in 1963 because of problems with depression. Light co-produced the film with Irving Saraf. Their previous work, "In The Shadow of the Stars," won the 1991 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.


Gloria Steinem Reflects on Aging.

Writer, feminist, organizer, and the founder of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem. She has a new book of essays, "Moving Beyond Words, (Simon & Schuster). In one of the essays she wonders -- what if Freud were female? -- and imagines what life would be like if one of the most "enduring, influential, and fiercely defended thinkers" in Western civilization were Dr. Phyllis Freud. In her new book Steinem also reflects on turning 60.


A Triumph of Investigative Reporting.

Commentator Maureen Corrigan has a review of a new biography of a turn of the century journalist: "Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist." (Times Books).


Male Fantasy in New Novels.

Commentator Maureen Corrigan on the return of the "dirty" book: Robert Olen Butler's "They Whisper" (Henry Holt) and Nicholson Baker's "The Fermata"


Moroccan Sociologist and Koranic Scholar Fatima Mernissi.

Moroccan sociologist and Koranic scholar, Fatima Mernissi. Her new book explores how the sacred texts of Islam are used both by feminists and defenders of democracy as well as the violent fundamentalists which oppose them: "Islam & Democracy" (Addison-Wesley). An earlier book, "The Veil and the Male Elite" (Addison-Wesley) was a feminist interpretation of Women's rights in Islam. Her new book, due out in the summer of 1994 is "Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood".


Abortion Provider Dr. Susan Wicklund.

Dr. Susan Wicklund. She provides abortions services to women in Montana and South Dakota, traveling 4 hours each way. Without Wicklund's services, abortions would not be available to women in North Dakota. In the past she has worked in up to five clinics in three states while living in Montana with her teenage daughter. Wicklund has been featured on "60 Minutes." She will receive the Elizabeth Blackwell Award for her outstanding dedication to women's health care on October 29th.


Novelist Mary Gordon.

Novelist Mary Gordon. Her most recent book, "The Rest of Life" (Viking), is a compilation of three novellas. She explores the delicate love affairs that shape the lives of three women. Gordon's a feminist and a Catholic and often explores those themes in her writing. She has written four other novels as well as a collection of short stories. Gordon teaches at Barnard College.


A Misguided Book.

Commentator Maureen Corrigan reviews "The Morning After," by Katie Roiphe. (Little, Brown).


Catherine MacKinnon Discusses Women and Pornography.

Law Professor Catherine MacKinnon. She's well known for her feminist take on legal issues, and she's just written a new book called "Only Words." (Harvard University Press) She argues that as long as sexual harassment, pornography and hate speech are protected by the First Amendment, equality will only be a word, not a reality. MacKinnon pioneered the legal claim for sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination. She now teaches at the University of Michigan Law School.


Misogyny in the African American Community.

Atlanta-based writer, performance artist, and award-winning playwright Pearl Cleage. She's also a columnist for the Atlanta Tribune," and, more importantly, a "third-generation black nationalist feminist." She has a new book of essays, "Deals with the Devil: And other Reasons to Riot," (Ballatine Books). One of her columns, "Mad At Miles," is about her anger at Miles Davis for his "violent crimes against women," about our willingness to forgive the sins of a genius, and the violence done to black women by black men.


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